Become an Au Pair Ireland

Why Choose Us?

Here at Cara International we understand being an Au Pair is an important experience. We want to make that experience as safe as possible. We offer free placement in order to make sure our both our families and Au Pairs are fully checked before placement. With our registration you will be required to have clearance from your doctor and from the police, this will let us know that you are safe to be around children and work as an Au Pair.

As well as that you will be required to have references, these can be from places you've worked or from a close family friend or even a family you have done babysitting for, this will give us an insight to you as a person along with a letter to your future host family and pictures of you. These will be sent to your future host family after which we will arrange a Skype call and hopefully get a match.

Free / FOR

All Au Pairs

Complete Family File W/Photos

Full Family Vetting

Skype Interview w/ Family

24/7 Support and Advice

Online Au Pair Training Course

Regular Check Ins

Q: Why Should I Choose You? 

Because we offer you safe placement for free. We believe Au Pairs deserve to feel safe when getting placed and they should have to pay for that or risk using unsafe methods to become an Au Pair, our goal is to be the other option, safe Au Pair placement, for free.


Q: What Do You Mean By Legal Au Pair Programme?  

The current Au Pair situation in Ireland is very complicated however here at Cara we have developed a completely legal format that allows you to be an Au Pair without the fear of any legal issues coming into play. A lot of  Au Pairs currently go online themselves to such things as Facebook groups but don't understand the legal risks behind doing so, here at Cara we ensure your safety from any legal issues.


Q: How Much Will I Get Paid?  

Au Pairs can make anywhere from €110.00 to €440.00 per week depending on their hours.

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