Why Get An Au Pair?

Availability/ Flexibility

There's a storm, creche closed but you still have to get to work as a nurse, guard, care worker, electrician. What do you do?
Your child is sick and cannot go to school or creche and but your job at risk if you don't get to work.
Your single parent and you just want a night or evening to yourself and there are no babysitters available.
Solution Live in Au Pair that helps to make your work/life balance easier. This, in turn, reduces your stress and lets you enjoy your free time with your children in peace.


Hosting an Au Pair in your home is a really affordable option.Cara International Au Pairs are paid on Trainee minimum wage starting at €6.94 ph. less board and lodgings. 


All Au Pairs complete a detailed application form as well as police, medical, reference checks and provide photos/video as part of application process.All Au Pairs placed by Cara International are provided with the following essential training during their stay under the trainee minimum wage
-Child Safety
-Paediatric First Aid
-Children's First
-Fire safety
-Food Safety
-Chemical Safety
-Manual Handling
-Irish History and Culture

Agency Back Up and Advise

Cara International wants your placement to be successful, so as to provide stability to your children.Employing people is a complex business for most employers and Cara International has over 18 years extensive experience from employment permit, visa to employment legislation.Employment legislation is there to protect the family and the au pair.
Cara International takes the fear out of employing someone in the home and protects you from making unnecessary costly mistakes.

Still Not Sure?

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