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What You Need

To become an Au Pair with Cara International you need a few things, firstly you will need to fill out our registration form, then after we will contact you via email in order to arrange what kind of placement you would like and what we require from you. All Au Pairs are required to write a letter to the family addressing their goals during placement and a photo/photos.All Au Pairs are required to get a medical cert from their doctor stating that the Au Pair is safe to work with children and a police check from their local police stating that they have no previous convictions


What You Get

Being an Au Pair you get a few things, somewhere to live, pocket money to enjoy yourself when not working, getting to experience what its like being part of the family, integrating into the culture and much more.Being an Au Pair isn't all about minding kids and house work, there are a number of advantages to being an Au Pair outside of the home. As an Au Pair you are free to enjoy your time as you wish outside your work hours, you can experience the culture, meet other Au Pairs, travel the country and much other things along with that.


As an Au Pair you have some responsibilities, your number one priority is caring for the children, but other responsibilities include helping with household choirs, honouring work hours and being respectful to the household rules.



To be an Au Pair with Cara is nice and affordable, with don't charge a registrations fee, however, we do charge a once of 50 euro placement fee once placed with a family.

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