A Little About Us


It’s All About Safety

Safety is priority for us here at Cara International, we want to make sure your kids have the safest care possible and we can guarantee that with our full vetting process and training programme. This insures that the children and family are safe and know who they are bringing into their home.

Why Choose Us?

Cara International is Ireland's longest-running Au Pair agency. Our unique model provides job contracts and descriptions, so both parties are protected. Since 4 March 2019, employees must receive certain core terms of employment, within the first five days of starting a job. See https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/employment/employment_rights_and_conditions/contracts_of_employment/contract_of_employment.html for more information. Caroline Joyce, our managing director, holds a BA in Social Care and a Masters in Family Support. Cara International has extensive experience of hosting au pairs in their home, and in families throughout the island of Ireland. Through this expertise, Cara International has collated and developed an online training platform to support the au pairs during their stay. The training includes Children's First Child Protection, Child Safety, Paediatric First Aid, HACCP Food Safety training and much more. What to learn more contact us via our contact page.

Did you know, Cara International is one of
Ireland's longest running Au Pair agencies?”

Caroline Joyce


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