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Because Cara International offers free jobs for Au Pairs, Nannies and Early Years childcare. Applicants legally paid the minimum wage plus we provide relevant training modules to help you to do a great job with the children and family when working in Ireland.

Cara International charges families, so, therefore, does not charge you the applicant that wants to work the families we have available.

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If you are a citizen of Ireland, UK, EU or Legally entitled to work in Ireland

Contact Cara International Today if legally eligible to work in Ireland
Contact Cara International Today if legally eligible to work in Ireland




Seven Great reasons to Contact Cara International Today

Seven Great Reasons to Work in Ireland


Ireland has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. As of 2015 265,000 students were studying at university or college


The country has four international airports that connect Ireland to the wider world

Young people

Ireland currently has the youngest population of any country in Europe; approximately 33.3% are under 25 compared to only 23.6% in German


Little or no tax for Au Pairs paid legally on the minimum wage


Ireland’s economy is currently enjoying the strongest growth in the eurozone – 5.3% last year – and exports grew at a very rosy 13% as well. Ireland’s competitiveness in business has improved dramatically in recent years. This means lots of Au Pairs are now asking us for jobs in the Early Years sector when they complete their stay.


Ireland’s rate of productivity is 74%, the average among the EU countries. Wages have also remained stable against sharp rises in a number of other EU countries.

Cost of living

Dublin still ranks below other global cities for cost of living according to a recent report by Mercer. Paris, New York, London, Sydney and Zurich all come with a higher cost of living in relation to wages. Other parts of the country even cheaper, especially with the very low board deduction of 0 .89 cents for hours worked and €3.38 per day lodgings on the days an au pair works. Meaning easy to save or have money to travel around and see the country.


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