We don’t charge up front agency fees, we offer easy to manage monthly payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your Agency Different From Other Agencies Out There?

We differ in that we are a full vetting and placement service that provides comprehensive HR as part of our package and training to the Au Pairs/ Minders. There is a lot of false information out there, and we want to provide families with the safest, but yet an affordable system of in-home childcare.




Do You Charge An Upfront Fee?

Yes, we charge a €50 upfront fee. For this fee, we add your family profile (with no Identifying factors) to our website. We use these profiles in our newsletters to our partner agencies who recruit on our behalf and we set up an interview with a potential candidate. Unlike other agencies, we do not charge an upfront fee, but a monthly fee for the duration of the Au Pair Placement.

What is your Monthly Fee and What is included in that?

We have reduced our monthly fee from €125 to €100 per month for all families in Ireland, UK and Europe. For this fee, you get

  • A vetted candidate,
  • HR Compliance documentation including Terms of Employment, Job Description, Timesheets, potentially saving you thousands in fines for non-compliance.
  • Advice on Revenue and Payroll, potentially saving you thousands in fines for non-compliance.
  • Cultural Homestay Au Pair Agreements
  • Induction advice
  • Each candidate is also offered a comprehensive package of training including Paediatric First Aid, Child Safety, HACCP Food Safety Training, Children’s First, Childminder Training, Household Cleaning and Cooking advice.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, we offer €25 off our registration fee for families who pay their invoice within 24 hours from initial consultation,

Furthermore, we offer €10 off for every family that registers and pays €25 and €25 off if they pay €50 and don’t avail of a 24-hour discount.

We will give you a further one-off of €50 off your fee when we place with that family.

Do you charge Au Pairs/ Minders?

We charge a €50 registration for our service. This includes

A consultation on your rights as an employee

Advertising your profile on our website


Do You Offer Any Discounts to Minders?

Yes, we offer €25 off our registration fee for Minder who pay their invoice within 24 hours of booking their consultation,