Free Au Pair Training Ireland

Most au pairs are young and have some limited experience minding children. Yet, minding children is a responsible job in which most au pairs have sole responsibility for the children. Au Pairs have a legal responsibility not to neglect children under the Children First Act 2015. We at Cara International realise how stressful this is for the Au Pair and her host family. As part of our programme, we offer free Au Pair Training Ireland including twelve training modules throughout au pair 12 months stay including Children First training.

Free online training for all Cara International Au Pairs

  1. Child Safety
  2. Fire Safety
  3. HACCP Food Training
  4. Paediatric First Aid
  5. Manual Handling
  6. Children’s First
  7. Cleaning the family home video training
  8. Healthy Eating video for Kids
  9. Family healthy Meals
  10. Child in Mind- childminders training programme
  11. Useful Practice Guide for Childminders
  12. Kids and homework

Paid Training coming soon

In Addition, Cara International will be offering paid training soon which is a requirement for working in the Early Years Sector.

Early Years Educator or Nanny

Many of our Au Pairs go on to become Early Years educators in Creches or professional nannies.

Qualified Au Pair & Nannies

We also welcome Qualified Au Pairs and Nannies from  these colleges

Free Au Pair Training Ireland
Free Au Pair Training Ireland


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