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Maeva's Our French Au Pair's Tip

“It’s an incredible experience you will learn a lot of new things and meet people from different countries.”

Beatrix Our Hungarian Au Pair's Tip

“All of South and West Ireland are beautiful, and you don’t have to go so far, only just take the bike to see nice mountains, sheep and cows eating on the fields. Cities look very authentic so that you can find the traditional Irish living mood anywhere.”

Solène Our French Au Pair's Tip

“For me, an au pair has to love children, to take time for them. You have to be patient but also strict. If the parents told you not to give snacks or things to the child, don’t give them any. But the most important thing is to be there for the child, and not to be on your phone while the child is playing. You can create games, and activities to do with the child. You can also cook with them, depending on their age..”

Floor Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“By making friends with other au pairs I was able to have a social life next to my working life. Because of that we did the most fun stuff together and were able to see a lot.

The kids loved the outdoor activities and it was good for them to be in the fresh air”.

Shannon Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“Open yourself up and try to enjoy your time in this different country too! It may seem like a long time at first, but time flies so enjoy every minute of it :)”.


Lea Our French Au Pair's Tip

“The Au pair experience is really rewarding. You can discover the country while sharing your passion for taking care of children.”


Satine Our French Au Pair's Tip

“To be an au pair I think you have to have a babysitter experience before, to be a minimum prepared.
Children, in general, are very energetic so you have to be as much or more than they do to follow them properly.
I think the most beautiful places to see in Ireland are: the Cliff of Moher, Dublin, Galway, and Spanish point in Armada Hotel. “


Hannah Our German Au Pair's Tip

“Being an au pair is a very unique and amazing experience. Living in a different country, experiencing a new culture and finding a second family abroad is a fantastic part of it, but I really enjoyed spending time with my host kids, travelling around the country and even learning something new about myself on the way. It’s important to be open to new ways of living and in the end to just enjoy the time. “


Lotta Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“I will recommend travelling and seeing as much of the country as you can during your au pair stay. If you stay at home, you kind of always work. You are really off if you are out of the house. Besides that, I think talking with the host parents is the most important thing. They are your boss, and you have to live with them. What do they expect from you, and what do they think about your work? What is the priority if they also ask you to do other jobs? I personally think it’s nice to write in a diary. It’s such a special time, and it’s nice to remember it later. “


Anna Our Italian Au Pair's Tip

“Be open-minded and ready to adapt to a new culture, food and family habits.
Always respect yourself and, at the same time, be a trustable person for the family.
work hard but enjoy the weekend to the fullest! “


Sandra Our Spanish Au Pair's Tip

“The best tip for Au Pairs is to treat the children like your family and talk everything through with the parents “



Ariadna Our Spanish Au Pair's Tip

“Ireland is beautiful so I recommend visiting as much as you can whenever you have time and the weather is good. With children, it is a matter of adapting and getting to know them and then everything is very easy. “



Léa Our Spanish Au Pair's Tip

“- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes by speaking the wrong English
– Take time to adapt yourself to your new environment
– Look on WhatsApp/Facebook Aupair groups in the city you are
– Interact a lot with your family, share some moments with them
– If you find something wrong with your family, don’t hesitate to tell the agency.
– Don’t be scared to leave a family and start again if the conditions are bad “



Sara Our French Au Pair's Tip

“Be patient. The fist weeks you are going to think that this is not for you. The kids need a little time to adapt to you and you to them. Same with the family. Also really important to try to meet other people here, not only be with the family. “



Merel Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“Try to meet other au pairs, it’s really important to make friends with who you can go on trips and who understand what you’re going through. “



Magdalena Our Polish Au Pair's Tip

“If you want to be an Au pair, you have to be prepared that sometimes things that you want to plan for kids might not work out. Kids are unpredictable but don’t be afraid of their reactions, just be calm, don’t panic and be patient. If it’s hard for you to get along with the kids, don’t worry just take small steps every day.

Being Au pair is not only about minding kids. It is also travelling (Thanks to my host family, I saw a lot of beautiful places in Ireland, like Dublin, the Wicklow Mountains. Powerscourt gardens or Limerick)., meeting new people, learning a foreign language, and collecting a lot of memories.”



Joana Our French Au Pair's Tip

“Being an au pair is an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, but we can learn a lot with that. We have an opportunity to improve our language, meet new people, visit different places and be part of a different family. Being in a different environment could be scary but communication is the key to everything going better so if you feel if something is not right just talk with your host family about it and with Cara Internacional too”



Sanne Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“The best thing you can do against homesickness is go out and enjoy yourself!

If you don’t know where to start when trying to find other au pairs, facebook is your best friend :)”



Sanne Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“The best thing you can do against homesickness is go out and enjoy yourself!

If you don’t know where to start when trying to find other au pairs, facebook is your best friend :)”



Silvi Our Polish Au Pair's Tip

“- communicate with the host family
– travel and take time for yourself”



Hilde Our Dutch Au Pair's Tip

“Make sure that the child knows a bit about COVID, but not only about the stuff they can’t do. Try and find other solutions to situations to make the awful COVID restrictions less depressing. “We can’t go to the busy playground because of COVID, but we CAN go in it when it’s not that busy, or wear a mask.”

The cliffs of Moher are a lovely place to go to, with an audio tour that takes you along the tracks!”


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