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What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair works as a support for families. Au Pairs help to care for the children and also help with various chores, such as cooking and tidying. They usually come from a foreign country and wants to learn the language or culture of their host country.



Au Pairs provide flexibility because they live in the family home. You, the host family/employer, decides and agree on the contracted hours and tasks in advance with your Au Pair. Au Pairs are also available at hour outside of standard creche times suiting many families, including shift workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Guards and Social Care Workers. The family can also schedule night time babysitting as part of that contract. Au Pairs also provide the ideal solution for families when children are out of school for the Summertime. This does not mean the Au Pair is on call 24 hours per day but can provide agreed flexibility in advance with the family.


Historically, Au Pairs were Cultural Exchange participants and paid pocket money in return for their help. Now Au Pairs are legally entitled to the minimum wage. This is good for Au Pairs, but many families fear the extra costs and often risk using online agencies or Social Media sites such as Facebook to find their Au Pairs. Find Au Pair Ireland is challenging, and such sites make this very challenging and time-consuming for families. Let Cara International save you that effort. However, not paying the minimum wage is far more costly for families, as fines of up to €9.000 have been awarded to such families. Read Our Blog for more information.

So how is it then affordable?

Cara International au pairs are paid the standard Minimum Wage, including standard board and lodgings deductions outlined below. However, our Au Pairs do not just want to be employees. It defeats the purpose of why they come to Ireland. They want to be part of the family, learn the language and culture of Ireland. Au Pairs realise that if they come to Ireland to learn English and book a homestay that it costs money. Our Au Pairs are happy to pay cultural homestay rates to families for the days they are not working provided the family treats them as a family member. These rates are agreed in advance by both parties but can range from €25-35 per day not worked.

Minimum Wage rates in Ireland from February 2020

€10.10 for a person aged 20 years and over

€9.09 for a person aged 19 years

€8.08 for a person aged 18 years


0.87 cents for the board for hours worked

€3.32 per day worked lodgings

€25-34 per day cultural homestay rate

Less  Cultural Home Stay Rates €25-35 per day not worked


Cara International Prices

€50 Registration Fee

No upfront fee, Just a monthly fee for the duration of the Au Pairs stay

€125 for families outside of cities.

€100 for families in major cities.

€75 for placement of Au Pairs aged 18 years depending on experience.

Cara International call for an in-home tax credit for families

Cara International feels strongly that there should be tax credits for families employing people in the home. We are calling on companies and families to lobby their local elective representatives on this, and we show you how here



Au Pair experts

Find Au Pair Ireland with Cara International Au Pair Agency provides an expert in the field with twenty years experience hosting, placing and training Au Pairs. Founder Caroline Joyce, holds a Masters in Family Support, BA in Social Care and a FETAC Level Six Distinction in Coaching. In addition, to personally hosting Au Pairs, Caroline has also completed a research dissertation on Au Pairs.


Find Au Pair Ireland – All applicants complete a detailed application form as well as the police, medical, reference checks and provide photos or a video as part of their application.

Compliance documentation

Cara International provides sample compliance documentation including t

  • Terms of employment ( approximate €2000 fine for not having in place for all employee).
  • Job description
  • Time Sheets
  • Support with registering with revenue for the host family and au pair (if required)
  • Support for au pair registering for a PPS number (if needed)
  • Help with registering for the rent a room scheme with revenue
  • Payroll service available at an extra cost of €60 per month (if required)
  • Advice on driving in Ireland

Training and Support

  1. Check-in on placement and back up and support for the duration of the au pair stay
  2. Cara International set up your au pair online with their au pair training modules. These modules help your Au Pair to do a great job with your children.
  • Child Safety
  • Fire Safety,
  • HACCP Food Training
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Children’s First
  • Cleaning the family home video training
  • Healthy Eating video for Kids
  • Family healthy Meals
  • Child in Mind- childminders training programme
  • Useful Practice Guide for Childminders

Contact us for more information

Complete our Query Form or call us on 0949289654 or email

Complete the application process today

  1. Fill in our Application Form The application form provides us with much of the needed information we need to help us find the best match for your family.
  2. We vet the Au Pairs, and we vet the Host families so please complete Our Family Check Form
  3. On completion of these forms, our Family Support Coordinator will be in touch for a chat. We will start looking for an au pair that matches your family’s credentials best on completion of our payment form.

Matching process

Au Pairs are carefully reviewed, and we then send you the best Au Pair file to fit your specific family to read. The Au Pair file will consist of a complete application, photos, a letter to the family, medical, criminal vetting, identity documents and references. In the same way, we send your family file to the potential Au Pair and/or her agency.  If both parties like each other, you will have a one to one interviews with the candidate to make sure that they are the perfect fit for your family. Next, you complete the job description and terms of employment outlining exact pay, hours and deductions. Subsequently, both your family and Au Pair sign off on these terms before confirming placement.

Arrival process

  • The Au Pair books her flights at a time agreed with the family
  • Monthly payment to Cara International and set up and you’ll receive an email confirming this setup and subsequent payments
  • We invite your Au Pair to our online Facebook group to make new friends and provide them with a welcome email, including advice on health insurance, PPS, staying safe in Ireland etc
  • In addition, Cara International set us training schedule for your Au Pair.
  • We keep in touch from the welcome stage and throughout your Au Pairs stay
  • After her placement is over, both you and the au pair will receive a survey to evaluate your experience
  • Family provides proof of completion of the stay as agreed in terms of engagement with Cara International

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