In-home childcare tax credit election call

Time is ticking with the Election is coming and In-home childcare tax credit needed now more than ever. It’s essential to get behind Cara International Election time call for an in-home childcare tax credit, and why and how to do it exactly.

In-home childcare tax credits- Time is Ticking- Election is here
In-home childcare tax credits- Time is Ticking- Election is here

Why lobby Government for In-home childcare tax credit

Cara International is lobbying for an election-time call for an in-home childcare tax credit from CEO, Managing Directors, Chairpersons and Parents. Cara International believes that children have a right to be minded in their own home. Families should have the choice to have children cared in their own home. The government should be supporting families by offering tax credits to families who employ people in their family home. Families have to fund Pay Related Social Insurance, payroll cost, recruitment cost, employer insurance and compliance costs, and if not, they face substantial fines from the workplace relations and revenue. We are asking families, local representatives, businesses, unions, civil servants etc. to lobby Government. Caroline Joyce, Managing Director of Cara International speaking to the Irish Independent on Dutch tax credits and the Irish Times on child protection and Au Pairs.

How to lobby

To help you to lobby for In-home childcare tax credits politically, Cara International has drafted a sample Family Lobby Letter and a sample Business lobby letter. Download and send these letters to your  Local representatives and Members of the Oireachtas. Give your lobby letters to your political representatives and tell them you will only vote for them if they put in-home care in their political manifesto. Many families are facing similar childcare challenges, and your lobbying is helping them, as well as your own family and thus, giving children a voice in what matters to them, as lots of children love to be cared for at home.

Cara International calls for lobbying for in-home care tax credits helps everyone

In-home childcare tax credits for woman


Mothers and female carers deal mostly with childcare and therefore, it’s crucial to lobby women’s groups in Ireland effectively.


There are some fathers organisations, and most fathers need some help with childcare, especial separated or widowed fathers. Irish dadsTreoir.

Single Parents

There are several Single Parent organisations in Ireland. Please send this letter to them Charity lobby letter to make representation on their behalf. Organisations are One Family and SPARK

LGBT Parents

Please lobby the LGBT charities for home-based childcare at LGBT Ireland

Surrogate Parents

There is no legal legislation covering surrogacy in Ireland, yet we have had surrogate parents looking for home-based childcare. Becky Loftus Dore on the Late Late show provided interesting insights.

Businesses, Companies and Charities

Businesses too are a vital lobbyist. Ask your business and Unions to lobby on your behalf. Make sure your business is effectively lobbying on behalf of childcare in the home. Give them this Business lobby letter and ask them to send to local representatives. There are several business organisations to lobby, IBEC, Enterprise IrelandIDALocal enterprise boards


Many families are paying into worker’s Unions. Ask your union to lobby on your behalf for a home-based childcare tax credit. Examples of unions include UNITESIPTU. The ICTU is an umbrella organisation for all unions.

Disability Sector

Childcare for children with a disability is a challenge for many families. Please lobby your disability organisations for tax credits for employing a carer/ childcare person in your home. Please send them this Charity lobby letter to advocate on your behalf.

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