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What Is A Nanny?

Nanny is a qualified and experienced childminder with verified experience of children 0-3 years.
Qualifications must be in a recognised childcare or related area.

An nanny works as a family support, helping to care for the children and with various household chores such as cooking or tidying and cleaning.
Unlike  Au Pairs, a nanny will generally take on more responsibility and have a more central role to play in the family

What You Need

To become a nanny with Cara International you must have at least 3 years solid childcare experience, this can be attained through several different routes e.g. Au Pairing.


What You Get

When becoming an Au Pair you get a few things:
-Somewhere to live, pocket money to enjoy yourself when not working.
-Getting to experience what its like being part of the family.
-Getting to integrate into another culture.
-Getting to meet people from all different nationalities.

Being an Au Pair isn't all about minding kids and house work. There are a number of advantages to being an Au Pair outside of the home. As an Au Pair you are free to enjoy your time as you wish outside your work hours. You can experience the culture, meet other Au Pairs, travel the country and much more along with that.



As an Au Pair you have some responsibilities, your number one priority is caring for the children, but other responsibilities include helping with household choirs, honouring work hours and being respectful to the household rules.



In addition to paying for your training, the family pay a net trainee minimum wage of €6.31 per hour live-in net of board and lodgings for hours worked.
20 hours =€110
23 hours = €122.57
25 hours = €141.55
30 hours =€173.10
35 hours =€204.65
40 hours =€204.65


As an Au Pair in Ireland, you will receive the following training:

  1. Child Safety
  2. Fire Safety
  3. HACCP Food Training
  4. Paediatric First Aid
  5. Manual Handling
  6. Children's First - Child abuse identification training
  7. Child In Mind - Early Childhood Ireland training course for childminders in the home
  8. Cleaning the family home
  9. Healthy Eating for Irish Kids
  10. Family healthy Meals
  11. Child In MInd a self-learning resource for childminders by Early Childhood Ireland
  12. Guide for Childcare Practitioners
  13. Early Childhood Education
  14. Early Childhood Curriculum


To be an Au Pair with Cara International is €50 upon registration and €250 upon arrival in your new host family. These fees are for data processing, documentary translations, regular check ins and safe host family vetting.



Sufficient Level of English

Good Health

Clean Police Record

Experience In Childcare


4 Simple Steps

Application Form

Fill out your application form, it is important to have all your documentation for this, including a police check, medical clearance and a valid passport. You can also send this at a later date but it is important to have this information as soon as possible.

Receive Offers

After we have reviewed your application and all your information is in order you we will begin to send you family offers. Once we find a match where you and the family both agree, you will have an interview and if all goes well you will be accepted as the family's au pair and arrange a start date

Begin Your Placement

After you join your family you will be billed for the matching process. Once payed and you arrive in your new host family and be added to our system. You will also be added to our training programme which is mandatory and paid for by your host family (This is not available for girls placed in the UK unless requested by the girl)

End Of Stay

When your placement comes to an end we will send you our end of stay questionnaire and you will be required to send us a copy of your flight details to confirm that you have left the family.

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