Our In-home Childminder Programme


Many Au Pairs are not aware that they must work legally in Ireland. Many are coming through social media and online websites and even through agency and are in breach of Irish employment law. Cara International places au pairs for free of charge with all the following benefits.

  • Legal minimum wage pay (as outlined below)
  • Full family file with photos and reference.
  • Legal contracts
  • Legal job description
  • Legal timesheets
  • Online training course to help with job
  • Assistance with meet up and things to do in Ireland
  • Check-in throughout your stay
  • Advice if problems arise
  • Advice on language and other classes
  • Assistance with applying for Early Years or Nanny programmes if extending stay.

Minimum wage rates in Ireland from January 2021 are

€7.14 for a person under 18 years such as a casual babysitter.

€8.16 for a person  of 18 years

€9.18 for a person of 19 years

€10.20 for a person of 20 + years


Au Pair in Ireland for Free and EarnLodgings of €3.45 for Days Worked

& Board of 0.91 Cents for Hours Worked


Au Pair in Ireland for Free and EarnCultural Homestay

Minders such as Au Pairs are not just employees. They are cultural stay participants who come from a foreign country  to learn English and experience Irish culture similar to homestay students. These Au Pairs pay a cultural homestay rate to the host families for the days not worked. Each family/Au Pair arrangement is agreed in advance.

Cara International services

Cara International is entirely free for Au Pairs who do not need assistance with the registration process. Some Au Pairs require assistance (see International Rep service below).

What Cara International Families provide

  • Complete Application form
  • Terms of Employment( Legally required to work in Ireland)
  • Detailed job description
  • Reference contact which can include details from previous au pairs
  • Photos of the family, Au Pair bedroom, family home and the general area.
  • Monthly timesheet in which you and the family sign off on the hours worked.

Au Pair in Ireland for free with Cara International also includes

Au Pair experts

Cara International Au Pair Agency provides an expert in the field with twenty years experience hosting, placing and training Au Pairs and the Founder Caroline Joyce holds a Masters in Family Support, BA in Social Care and a FETAC Level Six Distinction in Coaching Leadership and has completed a research dissertation on Au Pairs.

Screening/ Vetting Au Pairs

All Au Pairs complete a detailed application process

Au Pair should follow the below criteria to give themselves the best chance of placement 

*Be open to Countryside Locations*Experience of minding children under the age of three*Two years of experience of minding children of a variety of ages*The driving experience of one or more years and willing to drive in Ireland*Be able to clean and do housework.*Be able to cook meals*Professional childcare and/or related qualifications an advantage* English level needs to be at a level that you can keep children safe* Summer Au pairs. We will only process Summer Au Pairs for matching with very good experience and qualifications

Matching process

  1. Your application is carefully reviewed for a suitable match
  2. Cara International sends your complete file to the potential family and visa verse
  3. If both parties like each other’s file, we set up a Skype or WhatsApp interviews with the family
  4. If both parties accept each other, the family will finalise the legal job description and terms of employment, outlining exact pay, hours and deductions and both you and the family sign off on same and confirm the start date for the placement.
  5. On confirmation. we invite you  to our online Facebook group to make new friends and provide you with a welcome email, including advice on health insurance, staying safe in Ireland etc
  6. You book your flights and confirm your arrival with Cara International

Arrival process

  • Cara International set up your training schedule and sends you your first training modules
  • We keep in touch from the welcome stage and throughout your stay and continue to send you training modules
  • At the end of your stay, you will receive a questionnaire from Cara International about your experience and you will provide proof of completion of stay with the family, such as return flight details

Au Pair in Ireland for free with Cara International

Except in you need the following

International Rep

It has been our experience that some non-English speaking prefers to have the assistance of one of our international reps in preparing the paperwork for the programme and there is a charge of €35 to register for that service and €35 on completion for their translation support.

Difficulty to find placement and Marketing Service

Au Pair with particular requests such as Summer only, City only or limited experience should complete marketing video and profile in which we charge €50 to market on the Cara International website, Facebook and newsletter system. Registration is included in the price for marketing the Au Pair profile. Then, €35 will be charged only on completion, when a matching family is found for the Au Pair.

 Contact us for more information

Complete our Query Form or call us on 0949289654 or email info@carainternational.net



COVID Safety

Cara International is working closely with parents and minders to ensure that families and their minders are kept as safe as possible during this COVID pandemic period.

We know that many frontline workers need flexible childcare, including shift workers and we are here to help.

Cara International is following Government COVID Protocols

Our Minders including Nannies and Au Pairs are completing

Pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR test

Passenger Locator Form

Our families are facilitating their minders to have two weeks of isolation as required by Government and HSE.

Families are supporting minders to have an RT-PCR test no less than 5 days after arrival and if they receive a written confirmation that the result of this test is negative/ ‘not detected’ the period of quarantine can end and the minders can start work, in line with Government guidelines

Our minders are also completing COVID training for childminders, to help to keep your families safe at this difficult time.


Fitting Solutions To Your Needs

Quality childcare is everything to us. As a part of our policy our  full vetted minders are fully checked and provide detailed applications with references, medicals and police checks. 

Of course some families prefer to do their own vetting and we also offer a self vetting option. 

We know that some minders have more experience than others and that minding children is a challenging job and that’s why our training programme is very popular with minders and parents alike.

Quality Service

Our agency want to make sure every one of our customers get the best service possible. Family needs can be complex. At Cara we deal with all types of families including  families with additional needs, separated, lone, bereaved  & L.G.B.T parents .

At Cara International we ensure our quality service by taking  time and listening to your family’s specific needs. This helps us to make sure that every Minder placed with a family, is a sucessful placement.

Advice &Support

Fake news is a real issue in the world we now live in. That is why Cara International will provide you with advise and support based on actual legislation, so you don’t leave yourself open to litegation. 

We offer 24 hour agency back up and support to make sure our parents and minders never feel alone, if a placement does go wrong.

In the case of a breakdown situation, we will guide both our parents & minders through the human resource process in order to make sure it is dealt with in a safe and efficient manner.


Some of our minders are already trained and experienced in childcare, such as nannies, or special needs assistance & of course can command a higher salary. 

The majority of minders including au pairs and inhome childminders, may have no formal training. That is why we offer training to help ensure your children’s safety.

We have several training options including nanny;  child & food safety;  paediatric first aid;  manual handling;  children first & of course, childminder Covid training for the times we live in. We also offer online English classes for those who need it.