10 Reasons To Host An Au Pair

  1. The biggest advantage of hosting an au pair is that they live in. This of course does not mean they are on call 24/7, but what it does mean is there is some flexibility to deal with unexpected childcare problems, like sudden school closures due to weather, COVID outbreak, or others, and of course, children get sick and a parent’s work responsibilities do not go away.
  2. Equally, as we return to a new normal, parents will want to take part in social time out. Finding a local live-out babysitter can be a nightmare and expensive by the time you pay their wages and taxi. It is easy to work with your au pair so both parents and au pair get some recovery time from childcare.
  3. Another big advantage of having an au pair is real exposure for the parents and children to another culture and languages. Equally, there are get advantages for the au pair to exposure to the English language, or indeed the Irish language, customs, and traditions.
  4. Au Pairs are often like a bit sister/brother to the children in the family, providing them with much-needed attention, support, and help such as baking, sports, music lessons, and much more. They can also support the children in doing household tasks.
  5. Au Pairs do and can help with household tasks, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.
  6. Au Pairs are a great solution for shift workers particularly those working in the health and social care field.
  7. Au Pairs can provide a sense of security for that parenting alone, by having another person in the home.
  8. Au Pairs add real value to a family at a relatively low cost of just €8.16 for an 18-year-old, 9.16 for a 19-year-old, and 10.20 for 20-year-old less deductions for board and lodgings.
  9. Au Pairs have some or a lot of experience and with your family induction training and with Cara International training, the au pair can be a real asset for a family providing months of stability.
  10. Cara International takes the work out of recruiting, vetting, and HR compliance so your family can have a successful au pair experience.


Childcare Problems and Solutions

Problems Solutions
Most Au Pairs are young, usually in their late teens, early twenties, and are taking a gap year to explore an other Country These young Au Pairs often use the Au Pair Programme as a move towards independence. This is why there are two elements of the programme. The paid employment part of the programme and the Cultural Homestay part. Au Pairs are paid legal Minimum Wage for the hours they work and they pay the family a Cultural Homestay rate for the hours/days you do not work.  You will see from our Au Pairs Available that Au Pairs do not just want to be a worker, but also a part of the family.
They must live in Au Pairs generally live in or the parents can provide alternative nearby accommodation in which the au pair is then a live out minder, who may or may not want the Cultural Homestay aspect of the programme.
Children need stability and Au Pairs change regularly This is true but minders too can change regularly. Each Au Pair will bring something unique to your family and in the process the children learn lots about Culture and Diversity, which is important in a global economic system.

I can get an Au Pair for free or for very cheap online.

Cheap is not always the best. There is a lot of false information out there.  Any Employer will tell you about the challenges of managing staff. This is very true and even more challenging when employing a person in the home. There are several pieces of legislation that an employer must be compliant with including the Minimum Wage Act, The Working Time Act, The Payment of Wages Act, PAYE Regulation, as well as Section 2(4) of the Employment Permits Act 2003.  Breaches to these legislation carry significant fines, interest and indeed in some cases prison terms.

Cara International offers a HR Compliance System which helps parents to be compliant with the legislation at an affordable price.



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