Remote Intern Projects

Train & Grain

The Challenge

  • As a student or graduate, how can I secure a job when I have no practical experience?

  • How do I provide that first professional reference when I cannot get experience?

  • How do I gain the confidence I need to enter the professional work arena?

  • How do I improve my language skills if not exposed to that language’s working environment?

  • How can I fit in gaining experience with my other study and life commitments?

The Solution

  • Cara International offers you the opportunity to gain experience to help you secure future job opportunities. Erasmus funding may be available for some students.
  • A Cara International reference shows employers your commitment to invest in your practical learning to gain experience.
  • Cara International will grow your confidence because of its 21 years of experience recruiting and working with people.
  • Cara International recruits EU applicants for the Irish job market. You will have an opportunity to improve your English or EU language skills through the project tasks we set
  • Where possible projects set in a time frame that works with you.

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Project Boosted Sales By 50%

Intern Team Achieving Results

By working together to help everyone to gain new skills and insights

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Learn to build a company from the inside out

Extending Demographic Reach

Your role will be to extend Cara Internationals Demographic Reach in Ireland, UK and EU.

Interns Achieving Results
Building Cara International
Expanding Cara International In Ireland/ EU and UK
  • Increase Sales 80% 80%
  • Improved Marketing Traffic 50% 50%
  • Increased Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Increased Customers 60% 60%

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