Should families register Au Pairs with Revenue?

 Cara International is frequently asked if domestic workers in family homes, including au pairs, must register with Revenue?


Revenue introduced PAYE Modernisation in January 2019, and this is a real-time PAYE reporting system. Employers should register and submit payroll for their employees, and there are fines for not doing so. So yes, and here is some more detail about your obligations of employing people. 

Should families register Au Pairs with Revenue

Do all in-home cares need to register with Revenue? 

Furthermore, it’s important to note that it is not just Au Pairs that need to register with Revenue, but any person who employs a childminder, nanny or carer in their home. Unfortunately, many families feel that if they get au pairs online or on Facebook, they do not have any obligations under minimum wage or Revenue. However, this is not true, and this practice also puts children at risk due to the lack of vetting. Cara International also offers a payroll solution for families, and this costs approximately €60 per month.

Should families register their Au Pairs/ Minder for PRSI?

Employers pay 8.8% Class A employer PRSI on weekly earnings up to €386.More information 

Cara International understands the challenges and supports families by providing a lobbying process so that you can lobby your local political representatives.

Lobbying for in-home Tax credits

There are extra costs in the additional compliance with the minimum wage, and Cara International is calling for lobbying for tax credits for in-home childcare.

Lobby for an in-home childcare tax credit

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