America (USA) Au Pair Testimonies

I was so grateful that I went through Cara International. The agency ensured that I was treated and paid fairly. They did thorough background checks on both sides and set up video meetings between the family and myself before I moved over there. I felt very safe and I knew if something went wrong I had a safety net to fall back on.  Kayleigh Barrucci 

I am now in my eighth month of living in Ireland and working as an au pair through Cara International and have not regretted a single moment!  I have had the pleasure of working for a wonderful family and taking care of their four children who have welcomed me with love into their home. My decision to move to Ireland was made without hesitation due to the continual support and check-ins from the agency staff. I had help applying for my working holiday visa, all questions or concerns were answered and I received an email within days of arriving in Ireland to offer support and notify me of ways I can get help if I needed it. In addition to this, I was set up with easy to follow online courses relevant to my role as an au pair that were very helpful in preparing me for working with children. Undoubtedly the biggest positive of this experience is the ease of travel. All money that I earn is mine to enjoy as board and expenses are already covered meaning that in eight months I have been here I have travelled to ten different Irish towns (some more than once) and six other countries in Europe. I couldn’t recommend this programme enough as a post-graduate option either from high school or university. The positives and opportunities are countless- travelling to new countries, the delight of working with children, building on your own perception of the world, new skills and experience to add to your graduate CV and becoming immersed in a different culture to your own.  Laurel Hewetson 

They were kind and helpful. They were good about keeping communication lines open and helping you adjust to the country (telling what events are going on). Kathleen Burke 

If I were to recommend any American friends to be an Au Pair in Ireland, I would recommend them to contact Cara directly –Hannah Holmes.

Austrian Au Pairs

They are the best family any au pair can wish for Sarah Saager 

I felt very welcome! Anna-Maria Baumann 

I had a really good time there and we did a lot of things that will always remind me of the good time living in Ireland. Julia Unger

Czech Au Pair

They are nice to me. There is nothing, I think that you can improve. Tereza Janickova

Dutch Au Pairs

One of the best things I’ve ever done! I had a wonderful time! Valerie van Vliet 

They are really nice and they help you with everything-  Lianne Roeleveld

French Au Pair

My placement was very good, I met a lovely family. The parents were really kind and the kids were very lovable. Ninon Kibler 

When I lost my nephew the family did everything for me to have the possibility to go back to my home country (pay the boat, call me, help me) Cynthia Hamani 

Iceland Au Pair

Honestly, they’re great! Gudfinna Jakobsdottir

Italian Au Pairs

Indeed I had a good experience. The family always welcomed me to eat with them; they made me a birthday party, they shared with me family moments as birthdays, barbecues with their friends and they paid for me to join them at an art festival… the parents also talked to me every time I needed it and they shared and talked with me about their life and experiences. Chiara Mancuso 

I think you’re good:)  Eleonora Trotta 

They are nice, they are always asking you how are you and how is your family if everything is ok Veronica Pilsa 

I haven’t criticisms against Cara International. is an agency responsible and organized that take care of the au pairs. – Alessandra Ciccolini

Spanish Au Pairs

It was a lovely family. The parents pay attention to the au pair and they always asked if the schedule to look after the children were ok for me

All of them are great. Great company. Good family. Always taking care of me. Cristina Conesa 

They are so nice to me and they have made me feel like one of the family. I can’t say any bad words because they are so lovely to me. Laia Monforte Piñana 

They were very welcoming. Always made sure I had everything I needed –Alba Guell

They are very special and very thoughtful- Elisa Martinez Gonzalez

I had a good experience. My host mother is fantastic, the kids are really lovely etc. Irene Castro 

Very good a great experience in my life –Juan Sebastian Cruz Velasco 

I think I could not have been in a better family. They still want me to contact them and I am really glad. Caterina Ollé




Swiss Au Pair

I am so grateful for all the support and the huge effort they made for me- Janina Etter 




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