What should an Au Pair be paid in Ireland?

Au Pairs working in Ireland receive the National Minimum Wage. Some families are still getting their au pairs from online sites and facebook, not realising that they have legal obligations. As employers, they must provide terms of employment under the Act. See Citizen Advice for more details. Fines and imprisonment apply for breaches of the Minimum Wage Act legislation in these examples €9000, and €5000. This legislation applies to childminder and babysitters who come to your home to mind your children. Au Pairs who are not registered are also working illegally. It’s vital if you are an Au Pair or a Host Family to register with an agency, who can advise you regarding this legislation.

Does this mean you should stop getting an Au Pair?

No, it does not. It does, however, mean you need to be careful and talk to the experts in the field. Cara International advises families on your obligations, your childcare budget and offers the following documents to help you to be compliant 

  • Sample Terms of Employment
  • Time Sheets 
  • Sample job description 
  • Advice on registering for PPs and Revenue


Cara International is advising families to lobby their Government representatives to provide tax credits for legitimate employers who are employing people in the home.

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