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As specialists in In-Home Childcare for more than 21 years, Cara International provides solution for parents whatever that need including remote, commutable &  health care working. Thus providing an essential service in these COVID times.

Our Specialists offer you a structured Childcare Consultation to examine the best childcare fro your family


Work with Us

Join our team of national & international minders including nannies, daily childminders, educational assistances, au pairs &  babysitters in locations throughout Ireland.

We work with families to enable your legal working conditions from clear defined job descriptions, terms of employment, timesheets to proper pay and conditions.


About Us

Cara International

Cara International is one of Ireland’s longest established in-home placement agencies with over twenty one years experience hosting, placing and training minders. Caroline Joyce, the founder of Cara International holds a BA (hons) in Social Care and a MS (hons) in Family Support, as well as numerous continuous professional development courses including coaching leadership.  As part of her BA, Caroline has completed extensively researched the area of in-home care.

Caroline knows the challenges faced by parents, establishing Cara International, as she had to leave her job when unable to find suitable inhome childcare when working  shift work in the Health Care Service.

Caroline as a single parent ran her business from home and is all to familiar with the concept of remote working hosting several in-home minders over the years. 


As a Family Support specialist and parent, Caroline will explore your parental needs and help to establish a in-home minder solution to suit your families needs and budget. 

Our programme includes extensite Human Resource advice to support parents in their legal obligations.

Hear from our Families

Having an au pair like our Dutch au pair was a very enriching experience for both her and our family. She was fluent in English before she left but she also taught my children a few Dutch phrases which they still use almost daily. They miss her a lot because she was like the older sister to my 6 and 4 year old girls. She did Arts and Crafts with them every day and she was constantly looking at websites for Arty ideas. It’s amazing what can be created from toilet rolls. She played Snakes and Ladders until she was blue in the face with my youngest daughter…it wasn’t just child minding. It was stimulated play! She taught my older daughter a Dutch card game. The au pair experience is a cross cultural experience and it is a rewarding one for both the au pair and the host family.

Hear from our Families

Cara was very supportive and answer any concern that we had regarding our au pair. we have had several years of successful placements through Cara without any issues. Even when difficult situations had arisen Cara was there to guide us on what to do and resolved any issues with ease.

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